The troupe

Welcome to our Universe

Eleven years ago, a troupe of performers in various fields got together to put all their time and
efforts into developing the company “Clowns amongst the Sawdust”, which is continuously
evolving in its artistic, dramatic and staging skills.

In particular, we excel in the art of creating incredible characters adapted for all sorts of settings.
Whether for daytime events or night-time, the choice of performers, acts and characters can be
suited (roaming or a fixed “stage”) so that we can present for you the very best in entertainment.

With acts from the theatre and the circus with disciplines such as "fixed and bouncing" stilts,
"light and fire" juggling, clowning, mime, and even, acrobatics - we rise to any challenge.
(All designed for total safety for young and old).

By mixing in dance and music too, we present an explosive cocktail of dramatic acts to satisfy any

We work together in different creative and artistic areas, within the troupe; sewing, doing DIY and
using dramatic art to create unusual imaginative and indeed fantastical extraordinary characters and
costumes. Our “sound and special effects” trailer enables us to create lighting and sound, plus more,
ideal for your particular setting.
Indeed! The “Clowns dans la Sciure” company is a troupe of performers who work together to bring
beautiful productions to fruition. This is our forté which brings us both great satisfaction as well as happiness.

We recognise that to meet your wishes and needs, good organisation is essential which is why
everything is prepared well in advance, so that your event will be perfect on D-Day.

Our goal is to offer a high quality Artistic, Dramatic and “Magical” show with a touch of poetry
... Better than a Dream, in fact! ... an Incredible Reality!!

So, don't wait!
With our most Creative Greetings!

The workshop

Here is a place for artists and do-it-yourselfers to meet and exchange ideas.
We develop new projects (costumes, accessories, floats...), we create,
we fix...and ideas come together to have the best ideas.

It's a big point of the company to tell you that the majority of our creations
rare 90% created in our workshops and with the family.
We work with wood, metal, latex...we grind, drill, weld, and... All in safety.

For the rest, we call on talented artists, companies, friends!
All competent in their field in order to share and present you the best in terms of costumes.

And yes, we're versatile, full of ideas with a good dose of fun and sweat.
That's our STRENGTH! Welcome to our place!

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You love create and you want to invest in beautiful projects ? Come with us and apply !

Behind the scenes

Welcome to the Artists' Area. Here, they prepare their costumes, make-up, rehearse texts and movements, do their vocalizations
without forgetting the sports preparation and much more...

The organizers are there for a lot on our comfort (heated dressing rooms, catering, etc...) in order to
propose us places of adequate preparations ; For all that we thank them and know how to give back
to them by giving the maximum of all of us in front of YOU ! the public.

Rest (micro siesta), catering, briefing, etc... are the keys to present you a quality show.
It is a place of rest but also of delirium and sharing,
and for all these good times, we want to show you that.

You are welcome ! And see you FOR THE SHOW !

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The Clowns dans la Sciure (CDLS) escorts and offers its shows to local authorities, works councils, event agency, etc...
For artistic production to meet your wildest projects!
Thanks to all old and new partners' trust constantly renewed.

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