Imagine yourself in a Victorian science fiction Universe,
somewhere between H.G. Wells and Jules Verne,
but then....
Add some English charm with its “retro” style costumes, Chic and elegant,
and some Fire and Steam from our “special effects”....

Here we are at the heart of an explosive cocktail which will transport you
in a fantastic, breath-taking show.

Everything is arranged for the total safety of young and old.
The entertainers will amaze you with their prowess on their stilts,
with the pyrotechnics, the juggling, and the fire-eating
Why not book now for your journey to our fantastic “Steampunk“ Universe?

Steampunk costume

Technically autonomous

4 to 6 artists

Ambulatory with small fixed scenes



On the ground or (and) with stilts

Pyrotechnic option

Fire option

Float option

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